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Self-development on the go

Grab your headphones, search "Joy Quarters" on your Podcast app, go outside and take that first step forward. Literally!

Amplified Wellbeing

Moving while listening to the Joy Quarters Podcast will allow you to reap the benefits of nature and exercise while gaining insight.

Find YOUR happy

Access the Joy Quarters Podcast, reflect on your personal needs and take small steps that lead to big changes.

You can. You should. And if you are brave enough to start, you will!

- Stephen King

Has all the noise and overwhelm blurred your vision?

I hear you sister! I tried to do life "their" way. I allowed my work, my home, my relationship, motherhood, heck my entire lifestyle to be influenced by external ideals. It would feel nice to be guided every now and then, but it never worked out and it was always at the cost of losing my own path a little bit at a time!


I even became a Performance Psychologist just to get the blueprint for how the most successful people in the world live their life. While I have learned a lot along the way, what I really discovered is that we are all responsible for creating our own blueprint for success!

Join me as I explore all the paths that will lead you back to your dreams, desires and a vision of the life YOU want to live. Is it time for you to get back to what matters to you? To get back to feeling content? Happy? At peace? Then you're at the right place.

You coming?

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What people say

Promote and expand the awesome offering you have to help more people, especially those for which sitting in a room really isn't the best way!

I'd never heard about walking therapy until I came across this service and I wish more people were aware of how beneficial it can be for people who would get more out of sessions if they were up and moving in nature.

The walking is so much better than sitting still in a room as it allows me to think more clearly and talk through what is going through my mind more effectively.

What I do

I have created a self-development service that can be accessed on the go! This way you can reap all the benefits of exercise, nature and reflection in your own time and at your own pace.


Everything you need to know about creating change in your life.



Tune into my fortnightly Podcast and get access to regular exclusive resources and guides. 

What I Promise You

All my services have been designed in a useful and heart centred way. I have created this space to foster your progress and growth. So should you no longer require any of my services you are welcome to cancel them at any time.


What's in the

Joy Quarters space?

  • Tune into Maz's "Joy Quarters" Podcast and get access to exclusive resources and guides to take growth a step further. Literally! 

You will be able to start where you are, you will have access to direction and take gradual steps that will get you in touch with what YOUR version of happy is. 


If you have forgotten how to put yourself first and you're not where you thought you would be or who you thought you would be day; tothen this your call to action!

Access resources that will lead you back to YOUR way of life, your dreams and your own version of happiness. Unlock the confidence it takes to reach your dreams, access your inner genius and find your smile again. 



Hey! I'm Maz. I'm based in Australia; yes I have lived in a home with kangaroos in my front yard, that's a real thing! I have a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Degree, a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Masters in Science in Psychology (Sports Psychology). 


I help you build the confidence you need to go after your dreams and live the life you once envisioned for yourself! More specifically, I'm here to help you with THAT moment whichever way it shows up for you. You know what I'm talking about right? It's that moment when it seems like all things are transpiring against you, nothing is working, fitting or feeling right and you are ready to give up. Or as I like to see it; finally surrender to change!

My most recent moment came in the form of my little butterfly Noah. (sidenote: Yes we get more than one of these moments in life. Yay!) The moment she was in my arms I knew life would never be the same. In every.single.way. And the growth (or should I say growing pain?) that I experienced along her side was beyond anything I could imagine! In the best way possible!


When these moments come along we get the opportunity to start over and try again. To slow down a little, listen to ourselves and get clear on what we need. 

What would it feel like if you stopped living life based on what you "should do" and what you can and can't do? What if you decided to do exactly as you pleased and discovered what feels good to you? Are you ready to redefine what your life looks and feels like ? I have created a little gift for you that will help you start that journey!


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