40 Days to Change

Everything you need to know about creating change in your life

In this 40 day online program you will learn how to create long-lasting change in your life, without feeling overwhelmed or confused each step of the way.

---- 1 ---- 

Daily Audio Recording

daily word of motivation recorded live while I'm following my own formula to achieve my goals

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Practical tips & resources

daily 5 minutes practical resource to complete that is designed to help you stay focused on your goal

---- 3 ---- 

A different kind of challenge

Set your goal and achieve it in 40 days using a mixture of performance psychology concepts, personal experience and soul.

Don't think it will work? I have completed this challenge every year since I was a kid!

Seriously! I didn't even think there was much to it, until I started sharing my journey.

Over the years I have developed ways to make sure I stay on track when it gets hard, I push through when it's tempting to quit and most importantly, I have found a way not to let myself down.

To me, the 40 day challenge is a seasonal reminder that I am strong and that I can do anything I set my mind to! I have used these simple strategies to  start exercising post baby, finish my Masters Degree, run 30 minutes a day for 40 days, drink 2L of water per day and right now, I am heading into another round of no sugar for 40 days! You coming?

The 40 Day Challnege is a MUST for you if...

You have set goals in the past but have not been able to achieve them

You are ready to prove to yourself that you are a priority, that you can do hard things and that you won't let yourself down

You want to follow a challenge that works and has been successfully completed many times!


Access once, use for all your goals!

What's included?
  • Daily 5 min audio lesson and accompanying resource that will motivate and guide you each day

  • Access to the Walking Session Podcast - Episode 1 Guide that will allow you to set your goals right and get ready for change!

  • A blend of performance psychology, Maz experience + soul while do these challenges in real life with you!

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