Achieve your goal in 40 days together with Maz

In your Walking Session, you'll receive

---- 1 ---- 

Weekly Audio Recording

released each Monday specifically designed to help you get access to therapeutic topics that will help you build confidence

---- 2 ----

Practical tips & resources

weekly practical resource to complete post your "Walking Session" that will help you integrate the new concepts into your life

---- 3 ---- 

A different kind of therapy

Weekly Session will allow you to access key concepts + resources linked to building confidence in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space

---- 4 ---- 

Nature + Exercise Focus

all practical resources will work best if you simply go for a walk or jog while listening to the audio recording and complete your post

Walking Session reflection work in nature

Your confidence directly impacts your way of life. 

Who you truly are, what you stand for, how you feel, what you deal with, how you deal with, you name it, confidence plays a major part in it.

Confidence is simple. You do hard things, you feel good about having had the strength to do them, your confidence increases. BUT what happens if you don't know what to do? What if hard seems too hard? What if it's all too overwhelming?

I have integrated concepts of clinical psychology and sport/performance psychology to help you not only build your confidence, but also lifelong health habits that take therapy into a holistic direction.

Walking Session is a unique way of accessing a trained psychologist on a regular basis while going for a walk in your own time. Join me as I show you all the ways that YOU CAN do all the things YOU chose to pursue. Walking Session is your opportunity to redesign YOUR life YOUR way in 2020! Let's go!

Walking Session is a MUST for you if...

You have thought about accessing therapy for personal growth but are unsure of where to start 

Traditional therapy isn't the right fit for you and you want to try something on your own

You want to learn how changing your confidence will create REAL change in your life

Affordable Plans

Monthly $29/ Annual $290

(annual plan only available until 1/01/2020)

What's included?
  • Therapy based weekly content focused on growing your confidence

  • Unique blend of clinical + sport/performance psychology

  • Post session practical tips and resources

  • Access therapy in your own time and space

  • Affordability with option to cancel at any time

A personal invitation from Maz

I have been in the Psychology + Therapy space for over 10 years now. 


In the last 5 years I have been exploring sport/performance psychology concepts together with clinical psychology and even created a walk and talk therapy practice that served over 3,651 clients.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to join others during challenging times, I have developed tools that help and I have found ways to identify the barriers that lie ahead. I might not have all the answers for you, but what I have is a perspective that you might not be able to access because you lack the clarity distance provides.

The way I like to describe my style of therapy is this:

I'm over here climbing my own mountain, but I can glance over and see you climbing yours further away. Because of that distance I can see some things that are ahead while you are climbing. Some amazing adventures, some growing pain, some challenging paths but ultimately the best view you could ever imagine!

I actually quietly tear up from excitement whenever I have the privilege of a first session with a client because I can see all the potential, growth and happiness that is right there within their reach. 


And with that in mind I am pouring all I know into the WALKING SESSION. I'm hoping that you can use this weekly therapeutic practice as a gentle nudge to your inner guide that will go after all your dreams, goals and desires that have been on hold for too long.

If you are ready to learn more about building your confidence through the integration of exercise, nature + therapy, then I can't wait to have you along for the climb! 

Maz Miller

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