Self-development while you walk 

In this area you will receive

---- 1 ---- 

Resources to compliment Podcasts

specifically designed to help you build the confidence you need to go after your dreams and live the life you once envisioned for yourself

---- 2 ----

A space to self-reflect

grab your shoes, phone and headphones. Search "Joy Quarters" in your podcast app and start your journey! Once your walk is done, get into the membership area and access specific resources that will help you delve into the topic further

---- 3 ---- 

Nature + Exercise Focus

all practical resources are designed to be completed while you simply go for a walk or jog or work out

Joy Quarters provides a unique way of learning while going for a walk in your own time. 


Join me as I show you all the ways that YOU CAN do all the things YOU chose to pursue. This is your opportunity to redesign YOUR life YOUR way! Let's go!

Joy Quarters

is a MUST for you if...

You know you can feel better, but you just don't know where to start

You want to try something that works and is outlined for you in guided steps

You want to learn how to be the best version of YOU and to find your SMILE again

A personal invitation from Maz

I have been through "that moment" many times

And as someone that can't help but embrace the growing pain as part of this beautiful life, I have learned a thing or two about harnessing it. I don't believe we are meant to "fix" pain to be whole again. I believe that you are already perfectly, completely whole. I also believe that reflection is your medicine and that getting to know your inner voice and expressing your needs (even when the world is screaming at you trying to tell you something else) is your lifeline. 

Grab your headphones and search "JOY QUARTERS" in your choice of Podcast app where I can't wait to share some gentle nudges to your inner guide that will help you go after your dreams, goals and desires that have been on hold for too long.

Maz Miller

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