40 Day Challenge

Let's talk about this! I have done it, I get so many questions about it and to be perfectly honest with you, this 40 Day Challenge is about so much more than it seems on the surface.

It's about showing up for yourself like you never have before.

It's about making yourself a priority above the "busy" life and everyone else's needs.

It's about reaching a new level as a person that you were not even aware was inside you.

It's about showing up for 40 perfectly imperfect days and not just focusing on the outcome each day, but loving the journey and process of becoming who you've always wanted to be.

It's about proving to yourself for once and all that you are more than your excuses, more than wishful thinking and more than the spectator on the sideline watching someone else live their dream life.

So in this week's Podcast, I chat about my experience with the 40 day challenge and hope that you can find the same strength within you to just start. The 40 day challenge is still FREE to access, so jump on and have a go! Each day is accompanied by a quick 5 minute mindset audio and accompanying resource if you need them!

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