95% of women estimate their body size to be 25% larger than it is

There is less than 1 woman in a room of 10 that thinks she is the actual size she is. This speaks so volumes to me. In our society, women are encouraged to shrink themselves, they are told that smaller is better and the fact that 95% think they are bigger than they are also speaks volumes about how they see themselves fitting into this ridiculous expectation. To me, that means that 95% of women don't think they are good enough, thin enough, they don't they are simply enough! We have work to do people!!!

Why are are we trying to fit millions of women into one size. I spent some time with about 20 women the other week. I took a moment to embrace them all. They all looked so beautiful, so individual in their own being, just as they should be. We were there for a special occasion and they all dressed up and decided for themselves what beauty means to them on that special day.

I have one thing to say about these women; not one person looked anything like the other! Shocking isn't it!!!!! They looked nothing alike. Not in their body shape, not in their height, weight, not even their hair or skin colour! It was this beautiful bunch of women where not one looked like the other!!

And I was thinking; isn't it ridiculous that even if tried to fit this group of women into society's norms, we just couldn't! And why do we even want to or try to? I think that's the real question for us as women but also the men who love us and buy into this bullshit themselves at times.

Let's get back to ourselves, let's get back to truth in health, lifestyle and body image. Here is a few things that might help get started!

  1. Remember longevity when starting out. Start small. Do what feels good not what you are meant to do, adjust as you go! I'm talking about exercise, appearance and all things you are questioning right now and ready to change!

  2. Leave out the negative mind-chatter. Ideally i should be doing this or that. I should feel this way, look this way, live this way. Your body is uniquely yours, forget anything out there, do what YOU need that day!

  3. Take are of your needs. When the planned 30 minute HIIT workout turns into 20 minutes of walking plus meditation because you need the ease and mental clarity, then do that! How can you be mad at that!? And if you still are.. reflect on why?

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