Are you losing yourself or finding yourself in your work?

We use so many handy tools to avoid life, don't we? A few too many drinks, keeping "busy", isolating ourselves, excuses, social media, numbness, working too hard. Yes, there is such a thing as working too hard. If you are finding yourself in a place where your work life is not what you thought it would be and what you signed up for, then read on!

It seems to be so much easier to feel dissatisfied, unhappy and so far from content in 2019. Just glance at your phone and you will be bombarded with images of what you don't have, who you are not and how unfulfilled you feel compared to Sam over in Europe living her best life!

So what's an easy fix to combat this? We work harder! Afterall we are serving a community of people who need us. Working hard for those who need us is absolutely justified.

Now a little disclaimer here. If you are so self-actualised that you don't use any avoidance as part of your coping mechanisms, then you are just amazing! Honestly that level of insight is pretty damn cool if you ask me. Unfortunately, for myself, overworking is something that is an ongoing part of Maz and I am constantly working on it - punt intended!

So the key question for those who can relate and are still "working on this" is this: Are you losing yourself or finding yourself in your work?

Here are three sure signs to know that it's time for a change:

1. You are dragging your feet. What once was super easy to accomplish, tick off the list and get done, has now dragged into week 4 and being nowhere near completion. You are overthinking, over complicating and of course; procrastinating and avoiding!

2. You are exhausted. You are spending so much energy on working on all the things, avoiding the real work and getting pretty damn tired. When your system is screaming "Tools down!" and you chose to ignore the quiet space needed, it's inevitable that you will burn out!

3. You are not yourself. You are trying so hard to run from yourself, that you no longer feel like yourself. But isn't that pretty obvious? The more time you spend avoiding how you truly feel and what belief systems you need to challenge, the more you will chase things [insert your choice of distraction here] that take your further away from your true self.

So what can you do?

Slow down, sit alone, meditate, paint, colour in, listen to music, use essential oils, get in touch, read a book, play with your dogs, sit alone, sit alone, sit alone..

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