Doing something that scares you

When is the last time you did something that scared you? When is the last time you faced your own insecurities, fears or uncertainty and just decided to go for it? Let me share one of mine! Thunder! Yep thunder!

As you may or may not know I was born in Bosnia. Unfortunately I was also living in Bosnia during the war in the early 1990's. We lived about 40 minutes away from Sarajevo so we were surrounded by "thunder like sounds" aka bombings for years.

Fast forward to adolescent and even adult Maz, I simply put the link between those sounds and what they reminded me of in the back of my head, somewhere far far away. You know why? Because that was easier than dealing with what those sounds meant to me. They meat fear, they meant homelessness, they meant challenging the ugly truth that I learned about what people are capable of. But

then that thunder turned into fireworks and the fireworks turned into balloons popping and balloons popping became loud cars and on and on it went. That sound and those memories kept finding their way into my life. And eventually it actually became easier to face my vulnerabilities, fears and in its wholeness, my past. So did I do that? I decided to. I decided that I would no longer run away from my own fears. I decided that I have a lot of years of hiding ahead of me and that I was tired of hiding. So each time I started avoiding one of those sounds either by distracting myself with keeping busy, reaching for a food, coffee you name it, I just sat with it instead. I felt into my body, I allowed it to process memories in a different time and I reminded myself that I was safe all along...

If you want to hear more about doing something that scares you, developing confidence to do so and willingness to fail with an open heart; check out this week's episode.

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