Don't push me

They show up unannounced, they "help" when you ask the to stay out of it and they never ever mean any harm by it all. Or say they tell you! There is always an excuse ready as to why they so innocently did what they did. And you just never know how to take it! You either respond in anger and look "crazy" or you just leave it and then get mad at yourself for not say xyz! Sound familiar?

When you're around this type of person you feel like you just can't win! You're always the one that's compromising, and going out of their way. If you want them in your life, it appears that the rules are simple: do it on their terms and make it as easy on them as possible!

But there is a way to break patterns, habits and change the ways our relationships have been working. These are not always reason for cutting people out of our life! Believe it or not, we teach people what's acceptable.

Instead of staying in a place of blame placing, check in with what your needs are in this relationship and then work your way into making them known, setting new boundaries and rebuilding what matters to you.

If you want to explore this topic further, check out this week's podcast (episode 10) where I share insights around the complexity that is boundary crossing and provide you with handy tips for moving forward.

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