Good people work hard

"He's such a hard worker"

"She can do it all"

"I've been so busy!"

It appears that hard work, being busy and productivity are badges of honour and status in 2020. There is a part of us that hears these statements and immediately goes to a place of "hard working people are good people". I'm not even 100% where this comes from for myself, apart from the idea that being very busy and working so much doesn't give you much time to make evil plans on how to hurt others? It's as ridiculous as it sounds! Being a hard worker has nothing to do with being a good person. I have no doubt that we have all met someone who works all the time and is in fact; an a**hole!

And I'm not saying that lightly, I myself am a recovering workoholic! There was this one time in my life when I pushed myself so hard that I had my head in the toilet-bowl throwing up and I thought: "This is so nice, I get to have a rest". That's what it took! My body had to completely break down for me to actually stop. A smart man taught me that I was in the process of teaching my mind, body and soul to completely break down when I need a rest and that I need to be very careful with where that could lead me. And his words came through on more than one "push my body to break down" situation!

So if you are as attached to productivity, achievement and getting shit done as I once was here is a few pointers that might help!

What can you do?

Notice it in your words

Do you pride yourself on being busy, exhausted, doing it tough? Those are traps my friend! See what it feels like to change those around to looking after yourself, taking your time and to owning all that is going well in your life right now!

Start reassessing your worth

Who are you without the achievement, the "I work hard" story, the no time to stop life? What would happen if you couldn't contribute any longer? Who would still be around? What does that feel like for you?

Rest is best

Just stop. Seriously just stop and do nothing. Have a weekend (at least) where there are no plans, no have to do's and nothing scheduled in. See where that takes you!

And of course, if you want to go into this topic further, check out this week's podcast - Episode 6!

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