I am Josip's daughter

Some days life gets tough. Days are long and nights are longer. Whether due to work commitments, teething babies, life changes or insomnia. Hard times happen. And just as I start to head towards defeat, doubt or some hint of giving up I remember one important thing:

I am Josip's daughter! I CAN do it ALL.

I feel lucky that I have grown up as Josip's daughter. My father could write a book about the adventures in his life. Losing his dad when he was young, creating an amazing life over and over for his family, going through a war with three children, finding a million ways of getting on with it, getting us to safety, being a refugee in multiple countries, retraining himself in multiple trades, running businesses, making lifelong friendships, still finding time to enjoy the good things in life, but most of all; never ever giving up. Honestly. My dad has the kind of determination, no such thing as "can't" attitude and free of other opinions life that we all read quotes about. He always says "There is no such thing as "no". Replace it and ask yourself "how"?" And this man is living it. Every single day. I have watched his stubbornness and determination bordering on someone's idea of insanity, but man he gets it right. And through him, I am reminded that I can do it too.

How can I back down knowing that my father hid in a bus for days to get us to safety?

How can I back down on creating something out of nothing knowing when my father had $2 in his pocket and managed to get his family through most of Europe with just that?

How can I give up on helping others when I have literally watched my dad take his shirt off his back to give it someone else that needed it?

The answer is simple; I can't! I won't and I am forever grateful that I have an example of determination, insane stubbornness and going my own way with me. So here I am. I am tired, no I am exhausted. But I won't allow myself to question my strength, nope can't do that. There's a movement that needs me. Hand me another coffee, I got this; I am Josip's daughter!

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