Is more really better?

If you are really thirsty and you drink a glass of water and it feels THAT good, will drinking another 5 glasses of water feel 5 times better?

I do believe that we are sold the dream of bigger is better at times! And I am by no means telling you how big your dreams should be or what they look like!

Today I want to touch on this more is better epidemic that we are all consumed by and how it can lead to addictions, unhealthy behaviours and how it simply leaves us burnt out, unhappy and dissatisfied.

There seems to be a dream we are sold or a goal or a timeline or a way of life, but if you have ever followed all of those and got to a moment of wondering: is this all there is? Then keep reading!

There is a cost associated with consuming more, doing more and always living at a time that will be much happier when you get "there". That cost is your energy, your happiness, your authentic way of life, your happy. And while you are following the "life trajectory" set out by someone else, you start to rely on some "shit friends" along the way to help you stay on track and keep going. I'm just going to leave that one there, you will have to listen to the podcast to learn all about what I mean by "shit friends"!

But let's pause for a moment a reflect:

So what do you actually NEED?

There's that good old air, water, food and shelter solution. There's your needs to survive! Now anything else you add on is purely optional! Whenever I used to be negative about "having to do something" around my dad he used to say: "All you HAVE TO do is die.. everything else is optional." and he couldn't be more right! So have a think about your optional add-ons in life

And now that you are clear on them.. let me ask you this: So then WHY are you doing more than you actually need? Especially IF it's not making you happy..

This one can go as deep as you like it to, take the time and a deep breath!

And when you're done, let's talk about that "shit friend" in all our lives

Let's go there in this week's podcast! Is more really better?

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