Month in Review

We all know the motivation we feel at the start of a new year! We look back at how far we have come, where we want to go and how we will get there. But how many people sit back down to review those goals and keep working on them? I do!! I am a strong believer in keeping the momentum going. reviewing where you are at and knowing how to be flexible and honest enough to review your progress and adjust accordingly.

So this is what I do at the end of every month:

  1. Complete month in review worksheet for business (click here to access yours)

  2. Complete month in review worksheet for my own self-development

  3. Complete month in review worksheet for my fitness

I think it might be pretty easy to spot what areas I decided to work on in 2019! And let me tell you; I'm still working on them! But this process allows me to keep track and make sure I am accountable and learning as I go!

As I am updating this blog, I am sick in bed! Yikes! Funnily enough, when I finished the review for April, I was able to identify that I needed more rest and that self-care was not the priority it needed to be. It’s definitely concreting in how May will be run! What will this review come up with for you?

P.s. It can be done in 10 minutes! No need to over complicate, just let it flow!

Click here to access your Month in Review and make May all yours!!

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