Silencing your inner critic

Today I want to chat to you about silencing our inner critic, our inner mean girl, that inner voice that can sometimes overstep the boundaries to a point where it's no longer helpful.

And it is a little bit of "shadow work" and looking at that side of ourselves that maybe we don't really want to acknowledge or it's not that nice to talk about or admit to or confront.

Sometimes with self development, looking ahead and looking forward and changing in a positive way is really lovely and really exciting. But actually taking responsibility, sitting back, looking at what we've got here, what is right here right now and not so great can be a little bit harder. So that's what I want to talk about today. If you're not aware of what I'm talking about, if you're like, "Oh, I don't really have an inner critique and I'm super positive all the time and I love myself!" Stay tuned because you might also learn something new about yourself here.

There are a number of ways in which we can find our "shadow selves" and areas of ourselves that can be hard to look at. Below are a few ways that you can do just that!

  • "I'm triggered" - If you're being really triggered by something in somebody else, it might be that there's a part of you that does this and that where it still needs a little bit more work. Take a little moment to think about what annoys you in others and which part of you relates to this exact same feeling or behaviour

  • You're feeling really low and crappy, doubting yourself a lot and feeling like a failure and like you can't do anything right. At the same time, people around you wouldn't say that about you. On some level, you know that that's not really true. You just can't get in touch with feeling another way. This is sure sign that your inner critic has been on overdrive!

  • You would change your self-talk if others could hear your thoughts. If you were walking along the street or through your day, at work, with your family and every single one of your thoughts could be heard. How would those thoughts towards yourself be different? And maybe even towards others. Would that inner critic be silenced a little bit?

If you heard your inner critic in any of this, check out this week's podcast that goes into all the ways that we can silence that inner critic!! Listen to Episode 13 here

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