Staying focused and doing what matters

Truth be told it's 2019 and as I am typing I have about 5 tabs open, music blasting in my headphones and I'm glancing over at my phone each time I get stuck on my next bit of work. Welcome to being human! And welcome to my favourite way to work. I'm creative, I like flowing with my work, I like structured flexibility. What?

Here it is; I give myself times where I get my creative flow going, waste some time going back and forth and then draft, draw and dream. Once that part of my creativity is satisfied, I get into my head and analytically find ways to make all that creativity and dreaming come to life!

Just as I have creative time assigned in my days, I also have "high focus" zones. These are non-negotiable times where my phone is out of sight, nobody exists and my entire focus is on the work in front of me. I find that the right balance between creative and focused time allows me to be productive and achieve a lot with very little time.

What works best for you? What time of the day are you focused? Where do you need to be to work at your best? How long do you like working for? And depending on your season, we are only talking about 20 minute spots here and there. In which case, break down your work into things that can be done in 20 minutes and get to them at your own pace!

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