What's helpful

I have decided to share my story about the war experience that I have had, not to minimize what is happening right now, but to hopefully show you another perspective, courage and confidence that you can do this!  I share a different perspective on what we are all going through right now and I also offer you 5 key ways that you can keep calm during a time of uncertainty and fear.

I would like to jump on my Podcast to listen to my words, because I believe now more than ever I need to you to hear this.


Below are the 5 tips that I share, but explain in more depth in this week's podcast.

1. Think, Talk and share "What is helpful" rather than "What you think is right or wrong"

2. Focus on what you CAN do

3. Only plan and act on 1 to 2 steps at a time rather than all 10!

4. Find your own relaxation magic including nature, mindfulness and exercise

5. It's okay to keep living and having fun

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