When it all gets overwhelming; do this!

We all get to a point where too much is too much and all the ideas start to feel simply overwhelming! You start one thing, but don’t finish another, you create one process, only to question the next one! You know what it's time for?

It’s time to put pen to paper! Brain dumps are my favourite! Once you have written out all that is on your mind, here are three things to do:

  1. Prioritise! What needs to be done first and how important is it on a score out of 10? How urgent is it really? And most importantly, will it get you closer to your first outdoor session?

  2. Add timing! How long will each task take? This will allow you to do the short tasks when you’re short on time and still feel like you’re moving forward!

  3. Delegate! If you are unsure of a task and know someone else that could do it better; delegate! If you are not in a position to delegate externally right now; delegate to your “research self” or “creative self” or “energised self”. What I mean by this is, there is no use forcing yourself to write creatively when you’re burnt out! Pass it on to a time when you are in that place. Delegating it this way will make sure it’s on your radar!


A final thought, if you are getting frustrated by something that seemed fun weeks ago, maybe that part is not your jam. Maybe do something that will inspire you again and find ways to get support around the “stuck” parts of this amazing business that you are creating! And you remember why you started right? So keep going!!! Side note: some fresh air and a walk might help too :)

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