When you changed

Let's take a little step back and a walk along the path you have travelled to date to become who you are. Let's explore the belief systems that you built along your journey, some of which were great, while others were painful. Let's remember the moments and people, not to blame them, but to understand ourselves and to move forward.

I still vividly remember being at work and being told that I had too many ideas. "God is there anything you haven't done? And you don't have an idea for?" She laughed. Not in a joking way, in a laughing at me way. As if she was trying to dismiss my experience, dismiss my input. This person had worked in 2 jobs all her life. I always worked. For better or worse. And because of that I had worked in many jobs to gain experience, insight and skills. Instead of standing up for myself, I shrunk myself to her experience. I never voiced an idea to her again.

Today is a day to take a look at who you are, who you want to be and creating your own personal road map to get there too. Take a moment to reflect on your qualities and tendencies.

In today's podcast I talk about people pleasing ways and how we learn to change ourselves to please, help and prove something to others. To listen to the podcast click here and to explore your own ways, here are three tips!

  1. Don't say yes straight away. Don't agree to anything right away. Say "Let me get back to you" or "I'll think about it" instead and buy yourself time. We often just want to agree, not seem problematical and want to get any uncertainty over and done with. But unfortunately we can really hurt ourselves in the process.

  2. Speak out when you are done with it. If you have things, people or situations in your life that you agreed to in the past, but that agreement no longer feels right; let them know. Anything that you have outgrown or changed your mind about no longer has room in your current season, so do what needs to be done to protect that!

  3. Get clear and put yourself first. Get clear about what makes YOU happy, what YOU want and need from life, then follow your happy trail there.

I have out together a little resource to help with this, for access simply jump to:

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