Why I love being told "no"

A long time ago I attended a professional development workshop that was all about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, you know massive on values and mindfulness. One particular peace of paper with my values listed stared back at me and I burst out laughing.

Amongst family, learning, creativity and freedom there was challenge. Who the hell wants challenges in their life? Me right here! I am THE Barney Stinson (for those who watch How I met your Mother) and am all for "challenge accepted". I even went through a stage where I thought "Maz! Stop! Everything is starting to become new, challenging and hard!" Did I listen to myself? Hell no!

You see those values listed up there? Learning is a big one of them. And I mean learning all around; in my personal life, my business life, my family life, my education, it's everywhere! By now it's safe to say that I will never stop learning. I'll be that 90 year old in the nursing home trying to learn how to speak French and also plan how to break out of nursing home with my crew! You know, for fun, because it's a challenge!

Seriously though, whenever I am told "no you can't", "no way that sounds too hard", "no I don't see that working", I get passionately annoyed and excited at the same time. Truth be told my initial reaction is "no YOU can't, I can. That sounds too hard TO YOU, of course YOU don't see it working". I might be defensive about my ideas and goals but I also learned a long time ago that people only see things from their own standpoint in terms of their experiences, what they are capable of and how they see it playing out.

They mean well, but they don't always hold the "challenge" and "learning" values that drive so much of who Maz is. So tell me, what are your values? If you want some help with this, check out this "Define your Values" worksheet.

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