Why I quit my old life

This time last year I had a different life. This time last year I was in a different place, in every single way. I lived in a different town, I worked in a different way, I was not the mother, wife, friend or simply Maz that I am today. This time last year my business was sold. This time last year I started the journey of learning about who I want to be and how I want take up space in the world. I'm not here to tick off accomplishments or justifications of the last 12 months. I'm here to show you how all this very quickly became a reality for me. And it all started with this one simple step.

After life started to feel like a struggle (I survived a war and grew up as a refugee, I don't say that lightly) I sat down and decided to "just write". No logic, no theme, no purpose. I simply decided to write and let my inner dreams flow. Here is what I wrote months and months prior to selling my business. This was my tipping point, this was the day I decided it was all going to change:

"Hi! I'm Maz.

One day I was sitting in my living room, holding baby Noah, thinking about work, life, happiness and feeling completely incomplete. That day everything changed...

From the outside looking in I had it all. A beautiful new baby, a happy marriage, a new home, a successful business. But on the inside nothing felt right. Being a psychologist I knew my fair share about postpartum, work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately I also fell into a habit of muting my inner voice and putting all else above those things that I knew. As I was sitting there, pondering (more like screaming on the inside) I was contacted by someone who recently decided to start his own psychology business. Within seconds of talking to him my inner voice screamed; sell him your business! I tried to mute that voice. A lot! For months...

And then one day I got pushed to my absolute limit. In my old life, I used to do that a lot to reach a point of clarity. And that day I made a call, I put my business up for sale before I had time to change my mind! Then only months later I handed a cheque over to my hubby and said "I'm taking the year off to be a mum and find my happy". So here I am! Doing what I love, living what I love and sharing it all with that inner voice smiling back at me!"

I only found those words the other other day and will you believe me when I say that what I wrote is exactly what happened a good 6 months later!!! It's like I somehow wrote my future out! In reflection, I think I just allowed myself to speak my inner truth without the noise of my mind, logic and excuses. I just wrote and wrote and wrote and with that set MY true goals free.

If you want to rewrite your life, you can do the same! Here's what you do: JUST WRITE! At the start you may or may not write silly things or things that don't make sense, but just keep going until you find your flow, If you are really stuck, this resource can help.

Just quietly, I am about to do the same because I can't wait to see where the next 12 months will take me!

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