Worrying about what others think

Understanding why we do what we do, always helps me accept myself where I am at and get clear on where I want to be! Worrying about what others think of us is no different.

Here is the key info to understand: It's instinctual to care about what people think of us

And it's super handy too! Back in the day when we lived in a cave and a tiger came along to try and eat us, guess who had more chance of fighting that wild animal? You on your own or you and another 29 people?

I think you know the answer! So, caring about what people think is a really helpful instinct. It allowed us to survive, you know, safety in numbers!

And in 2020, it still serves a purpose. The key is deciding where you want to spend your energy and who's opinions matter to you. The answer to this is something different for all of us. The magic happens once we understand when we are going overboard in our caring, people pleasing ways and when it's time to draw back.

I go into it all in this week's podcast and chat about the options you have to do something about it! Check it out!

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