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Walking Course -

Dealing with uncertainty 

A Walking Course packed with helpful tips to guide you during COVID and life in general


In your Walking Course, you'll receive

---- 1 ---- 

Maz's Story

Hear Maz's story of 3 years in lockdown, gain perspective and access practical resources that will help shift your mood while you walk

---- 2 ----

Bite sized audio and accompanying Guide Book 

Grab your shoes, phone and headphones and choose to listen to the course in its entirety or choose to do small parts each day

---- 3 ---- 

Access Practical Resources including

  • Mapped out ways to deal with change and uncertainty

  • Outline of harnessing your personal drive and motivation

  • Ways of staying in control, with flexibility, during COVID

  • The ABC's of thought and behaviour creation


Dealing with Uncertainty is a unique blend of personal experience of years in lockdown and a perspective on what is helpful right now to create the right change for you.

Dealing with Uncertainty is a RIGHT for you if...

You are overwhelmed with the current changing events in your life

You want to hear from someone who has been through something similar

You want to learn how to improve your mood and stay calm during this time

A personal invitation from Maz

Use this time to create the life you need

I have created this course to give you the hope and strength to help you get through this. I have been there, for years! Having survived a war meant that we spent a LOT of time in lockdown. And I learned a thing or two about it along the way.  

Dealing with Uncertainty will allow you to:

- Access an audio course on the go, in your own time and in your own space

- It will equip you with the tools you need to get through this difficult time and other uncertain times in your life 

- It will allow you to slow down and focus on exactly what you need right now

If you are getting overwhelmed and tired of simply "being positive" this walking course is for you. 

Let's do this!

Maz Miller

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